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Doing It Right The First Time

The Cathedral Stone Difference

Restoring it Right. The First Time. Cathedral Stone Products began doing it the "right way" thirty-three years ago when they began importing Jahn Restoration Mortars from Holland. Dennis Rude, founder of Cathedral Stone Company in 1977, began studying better masonry restoration with Heinz Jahn to learn why masonry restoration failed so often in his experience. Approaching restoration scientifically, by testing the substrate for physical properties and developing repair materials that match those properties, Jahn was able to eliminate the possibility of failure. (read more)

These mortars are manufactured and tested in the United States, with an on-site laboratory for quality control testing, and for the development of other State of the Art products such as:

Acid Free Paint Strippers

Revolutionary Water Repellents

Laboratory Tested and Manufactured Mortars

And Potassium Silicate Coatings

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