Welcome to Cathedral Stone Products

In the Lab. In the Field. Innovation.

Cathedral Stone Products is the leading North American manufacturer-distributor of environmentally safe masonry restoration and preservation products. Since 1982, we have supported specifiers and contractors by providing laboratory-tested, environmentally safe products that are proven to stand the test of time – and the elements. Our full product offering includes natural mortars and grouts, as well as sustainable paints, paint strippers, water repellents, and cleaners.

Why we're different

The main objective for Cathedral Stone in product development is continuing to advance masonry restoration through a scientific approach. Compatibility is key. Our products are tested and created based on chemical and substrate composition. CSP also has an on-site lab for conducting testing such as compression, tensile strength, color matching, and e-modulus.

Company founder, Dennis Rude, has dedicated the last thirty years of his career to investigating failures and finding better ways to prevent them. Throughout his travels, he found that the most restoration intensive areas in the world studied failures in labs. Based on what he learned, Dennis changed his approach to masonry restoration and seeks to further the knowledge of others in the masonry field.

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