Masonry Mortar & Grout Systems

Every masonry repair or restoration challenge is different, which is why one-size-fits-all products are destined to fail. At Cathedral Stone, we’ve developed a complete line JAHN Restoration Mortar Systems that are scientifically-engineered to match the unique physical properties of every masonry substrate, including stone, stucco, brick, terra cotta, precast concrete, and concrete.

Discover why JAHN restoration mortars and grouts deliver results that last a lifetime

Our specially-formulated JAHN Restoration Mortars and Grouts match the relative hardness or softness of the individual substrates, so joints and repairs move with the masonry instead of fighting against it which causes more deterioration and damage. Additionally, our mortars and grouts are formulated to match the porosity of the substrate which prevent water and salts from getting trapped in the masonry, causing the destruction of the repairs from the inside out. Instead they allow water and salt to easily move through the repair and out to the surface where it evaporates or gets washed away. Manufactured in our corporate laboratory, our substrate-specific Masonry Restoration Mortars and Grouts are superior to one-size-fits all products because they are:

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