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Masonry Coatings & Repellents Systems

All coatings are not created equal.
Many of our coatings are above 90 perm. Other commonly used coatings are typically less than 10 perm which can trap moisture, leading to deterioration.

As solid as it seems, masonry isn’t completely solid. It’s a porous material that left uncoated, naturally absorbs and expels water and water vapor. Trouble is, when masonry is painted with a non-porous synthetic coating, the water and water vapor get trapped inside. Then in warmer weather, the water and vapor expands and pushes against the impermeable coating – which detaches it from the masonry. The result is that the masonry continues to deteriorate behind the impermeable coating. The solution is to use Cathedral Stone’s Coatings and Repellents Systems which maintain the masonry's natural breathability.

Cathedral Stone potassium silicate coatings and water repellents preserve and protect masonry from deterioration.

Allowing the free flow of water and water vapor in and out of masonry is the key to making sure a coating helps preserve the masonry rather than to cause it to deteriorate further. Manufactured in our corporate laboratory, our long-lasting coatings and repellents are superior to synthetic coatings because they are:

  • Breathable—Our coatings let moisture escape rather than trap it inside where it can damage masonry when it expands.
  • All natural—Composed of potassium silicate—a water-soluble and glass-forming silicate salt.
  • Non-adhesive—Our coatings bond with the porous masonry surface rather than adhere to it with a moisture-trapping synthetic seal.
  • Safer—Unlike synthetic coatings that can act as an accelerant in a fire, our non-flammable coatings can actually help keep fires from spreading.
  • Cleaner—Our coatings and repellents helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Designed to work with all our other systems—Now there’s only one place to go for Masonry Cleaning, Stripping, Mortar, Grout, Coating, and Water Repellent systems that are scientifically engineered to be completely compatible.
  • Made in the U.S.A.—We take quality control very seriously. All our systems are developed, refined, manufactured and shipped from our corporate facilities in Hanover, Maryland.
  • Backed by over 30 years of experience—We don’t just manufacture and sell masonry restoration products. We provide comprehensive solutions that include evaluations and recommendations from our in-house team of masonry restoration experts, each who have decades of hands on experience in the field.

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