Jahn Mortars and Grouts are laboratory engineered to replicate the natural characteristics of all masonry - it's like putting back what's already there.
No Bonding Agents... Ever!
Masonry repair mortars that contain polymers, (i.e., rubber and/or glue), will fail within three to five years (earlier if salt and freeze-thaw are a factor).

Jahn Restoration Mortars and Grouts are laboratory-engineered to match the unique physical properties of every masonry substrate.
Terra Cotta
Jahn Mortars have been the preferred choice on thousands of historic and iconic restorations, including:
Washington Monument
Washington Monument
Empire State Building
Empire State Building
Washington Capitol Building
U.S. Capitol Building
Colors Covered.
There are three paths to getting the mortar color you need for your project.
Standard Colors When a perfect match is not critical and you need something fast.
Premium Colors Use as-is or blend 2 or more together on-site for fast and accurate color matches in the field. In Stock. Ready to ship. 3-day average on-site arrival.
Laboratory Match Custom Color Allow 2 weeks for laboratory match. On-site application may result in variations in color due to laboratory conditions vs. on-site conditions - for example, moisture, weather, varying shades of masonry, application technique, etc. $250 per match.
Repairs That Last... and Last... and Last...
Jahn Mortars and Grouts are engineered and designed to last as long as the masonry being repair or restored.

Substrate-compatible and specific. Jahn formulations match the unique density of each type of masonry.

Breathable. Jahn mortars are formulated to match the porosity of the substrate, which allows moisture, vapor, and salts to naturally escape.

All natural. Jahn mortars and grouts contain no acrylics, bonding agents, or other synthetic adhesives.

Made in the U.S.A. We take quality control very seriously. All of our systems and products are developed, refined, manufactured, and shipped from our corporate facilities in Hanover, Maryland.

Backed by over 50 years of hands-on experience in masonry restoration. We don't just manufacture and sell masonry restoration products; we provide comprehensive solutions that include evaluations and recommendations from our in-house team of masonry restoration experts.
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