• Remove all deteriorated masonry plus 1/2".
• Thoroughly clean area to be patched with brush and water.
• No feather edge patches.
• Mortar (M70) mixed to golf-ball-sized clumps.
• Glistening wet surface on all patches. (No pooling water on horizontal patches)
• "Peanut butter" coat on all patches. Be sure to apply to "shoulder" of patches. Ensure the "Peanut butter" coat does not dry out before application of Jahn mortar. (Can be re-wet.)
• Carefully clean up perimeter of patch several times with clean water and sponge.
• Maintain all existing joints. Do not patch over joints!
• Put samples on masonry, not in cups or on plywood - only masonry.
• Be prepared for color problems in cold weather or very hot weather.
• View colors at twelve (12) to twenty (20) feet.
• Due to varying weather conditions, e.g., excessive rain or humidity, color formulations will reasonably match the substrate, but might not be perfect.
• Cure patches according to weather conditions.
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