Get an education in proper masonry restoration from the experts.

Training at our facility in Hanover, MarylandSharpen your skills and earn AIA/CEU credits at a JAHN-Certification Workshop or Masonry Restoration Presentation.

Held in our Hanover, MD headquarters and at various regional locations across the country, our JAHN Certification Masonry Restoration Workshops help attendees work toward mastering traditional methods of masonry repair using JAHN Masonry Restoration Mortar Systems.

These intensive courses, led by expert stonemasons, cover the repair of most types of masonry. Our workshops are hands on and introduce techniques that will allow masons to take their skills to the next level by giving them step-by-step instructions on how to achieve long lasting results and the best possible finished product. Successful completion of the JAHN Certification Workshop is necessary to purchase JAHN Masonry Restoration Mortar Systems which include M70, M100, M120, and M160. Workshop classes are filled on a first come, first served basis. After being certified, recertification is required every 5 years.

We also conduct shorter 1 to 4-hour Masonry Restoration System Presentations that cover topics such as mortars, repairing, and pointing as well as our Coating, Cleaning, Stripping, and Water Repellent Systems. You can take these courses and tour our lab at our corporate headquarters or have them presented at your offices or at an association meeting.

Our informative hands-on workshops are designed for masons, contractors, craftsmen, specifiers, and other preservation professionals. Architects can receive AIA/CEU Learning Units and HSW Credits, upon request.

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Regular Training Workshops are held at our Corporate Headquarters in Hanover, MD. We also hold regular Training Workshops in the Bronx and Brooklyn, NY. See our schedule below.

All Training Workshops in Chicago, IL are facilitated by Henry Frerk Sons. Click here for more information on Training Workshops in Chicago.

Check back periodically because we often have Special Training Workshops at various locations across the country (and sometimes in Canada). See our schedule below.


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Jahn Training Workshops

Month Program Dates Location Learning Units HSW Credits Status  
July # 07/07-07/08/2020 Bronx, NY On Schedule Closed
August # 08/04-08/05/2020 Bronx, NY On Schedule Closed
August # 08/06-08/07/2020 Ridgefield, NJ On Schedule Closed
August # 08/18-08/20/2020 Hanover, MD On Schedule
September # 09/08-09/09/2020 Bronx, NY On Schedule
September # 09/15-09/17/2020 Hanover, MD On Schedule
October # 10/06-10/08/2020 Hanover, MD On Schedule
October # 10/13-10/14/2020 Bronx, NY On Schedule
November # 11/03-11/04/2020 Bronx, NY On Schedule
November # 11/17-11/19/2020 Hanover, MD On Schedule
December # 12/02-12/03/2020 Brooklyn, NY On Schedule
December # 12/08-12/10/2020 Hanover, MD On Schedule
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