Coating masonry with a product that has a low perm rating will result in trapped moisture and accelerated deterioration of the substrate.

Our coatings have a perm rating of 90 plus, which allows moisture to flow and escape from the masonry naturally.
Potassium Silicate paint is simply the best coating to use on masonry repair and restoration projects.

The incredible 92 perm rating helps, but the big difference between potassium silicate paints and latex or acrylic paints is the bonding characteristics of potassium silicate.

Cathedral Stone's Potassium Silicate Coating forms a molecular bond with the masonry substrate - it will not peel.
Cathedral Stone Coatings & Repellents preserve and protect masonry from deterioration.
Breathable — Our coatings let moisture escape rather than trap it inside where it can damage masonry when it expands.

All natural — Composed of potassium silicate - a water-soluble and glass-forming silicate salt.

Non-adhesive — Our coatings bond with the porous masonry surface rather than adhere to it with a moisture-trapping synthetic seal.

Safer — Unlike synthetic coatings that can act as an accelerant in a fire, our non-flammable coatings can actually help keep fires from spreading.

Cleaner — Our coatings and repellents help prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

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