Rest assured that our cleaners, strippers, and removers will do no harm to your masonry, no harm to the environment, and no harm to you.
Next To No Acids!
We believe that cleaning masonry with acid does more harm than good. Acids are difficult to work with; they're bad for the environment; and they eat away at the masonry. Most of our products contain no acid at all and our Heavy Duty Cleaner only contains as much acid as a single lemon - that's it!
Imagine Paint Removers that are biodegradable and non-toxic.

We did.
Latex-based Cleaner Remove heavy dirt and grime - great for nicotine and soot removal.

Formulated with natural rubber.

Works on limestone, sandstone, marble, concrete, plaster, brick, and terra cotta.
From the grimy facades of skyscrapers and urban streetscapes to the delicate interior details of an historic library and the gravestones of a veteran cemetery, Cathedral Stone's Masonry Cleaning, Stripping, and Remover Systems are the choice for professionals who want a safe and effective way to restore important masonry structures.

Biodegradable - Most of our Cleaning, Stripping, and Remover Systems are neutralized in water - none contain dangerous or environmentally damaging solvents.

Safe to Use - Our Cleaning, Stripping, and Remover Systems are low in acid or acid-free, which protects the people who apply them as well as the landscaping and the environment.

Designed to work with all of our other systems - Now there's only one place to go for Masonry Cleaning, Removing, Mortar, Grout, Coating, and Water Repellent systems that are scientifically engineered to be completely compatible.

Made in the U.S.A. - We take quality control very seriously. All our systems are developed, refined, manufactured and shipped from our corporate facilities in Hanover, Maryland.

Backed by over 30 years of experience - We don't just manufacture and sell masonry restoration products. We provide comprehensive solutions that include evaluations and recommendations from our in-house team of masonry restoration experts.
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